Clean up

Running the workshop at an AWS Event
If you are running this workshop at an AWS hosted event, such as re:Invent, Loft, Immersion Day, or any other event hosted by an AWS employee, you skip this section, as we will clean up everything for you.

In this step, we will clean up the AWS Cloud9 IDE we have created at the very beginning.

1. Delete the AWS Cloud9 IDE

Follow this deep link to list the AWS CloudFormation stack with the name wild-rydes-async-msg-0. Select the stack and choose Delete.

Detailed description
  1. Open the AWS CloudFormation Console
  2. Select wild-rydes-lab-x stack from the list of Stacks
  3. Click the Delete button
  4. On the confirmation modal screen that appears, click Delete Stack button

Note: You will need to delete the S3 bucket you created for this lab manually.

That’s it! All done.