Configure AWS Cloud9

Ad blockers, javascript disabler, and tracking blockers should be disabled for the cloud9 domain, or connecting to the workspace might be impacted. Cloud9 requires third-party-cookies. You can whitelist the specific domains.

1. Browse to your AWS Cloud9 development environment

Open your CloudFormation Console and select the stack at the bottom (the name could vary). The Outputs tab exposes the Cloud9DevEnvUrl parameter. Click at the corresponding URL in the value column and open your AWS Cloud9 development environment in a new tab.

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2. Configure your AWS Cloud9 development environment

In your AWS Cloud9 IDE, you can close the welcome tab. In the left environment navigation window, you can see the project wild-rydes-async-messaging we have already checked out for you from Github. This project also contains a shell script to setup your environment. Run the following command in the bash tab (at the bottom of the IDE):

cd ~/environment/wild-rydes-async-messaging/code/lab-0
chmod +x
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It takes usually less then 3 minutes, until the AWS Cloud9 IDE is updated. In the meantime while your waiting, you may want to have a look at some handy AWS Cloud9 shortcuts, like the multiple cursors or the AWS Cloud9 keybindings.

Get Started

You are now ready to get started!!!